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Secure and Protect Your Servers and Data

Firewalls are a key component in safeguarding your co-locations servers from malicious threats. Need A Server offers a variety of dedicated and virtual, managed, and co-managed firewall solutions that free you from the resource-intensive work of maintaining your firewall.

Complete management of your security. Need A Server performs a comprehensive security review to ensure we understand your firewall needs, network and system topology, and security policies. We then use these details to help develop and define your firewall-specific security policies. We then configure, install, and manage your firewall systems. We can then provision your service on a dedicated managed firewall appliance.

Filtering by inbound and outbound traffic, restrict inbound traffic to a set of source IPs. Support for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Limit simultaneous connections on a per-rule basis

Utilizes p0f, an advanced passive OS/network fingerprinting utility to allow you to filter by the Operating System initiating the connection

Option to log or not log traffic matching each rule

Run multiple firewalls for redundancy and no single point of failure.

Network and port address translation (NAT), Site-to-Site VPN, Mobile VPN clients.

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