Our History


The story begins

 Tinkering with ideas and concepts for a green data center that we wanted to build. Tinkering lead to designing and before we knew it, we were blueprinting what would soon be known as Darwin.  


The Darwin data center breaks ground

How do you build an efficient data center in the heart of a city? By looking and learning from environment around you.  Darwin is the first and only data center in California that uses a Vertical Exhaust System and Air Side Economization. Designed in partnership with Chatsworth Products, Darwin delivers the lowest PUE rating of all data centers in Los Angeles.


The Orion data center breaks ground

Our success with Darwin wasn't enough, we had concepts and ideas that we still wanted to build for our customers.  Introducing Orion, the first of its kind, Orion not only improves upon the green technologies in Darwin, but is also designed to be massively scalable in the Cloud.

2015 & 2016

Advanced Cloud Services

In 2015 and 2016 Corporate Colocation will be introducing a groundbreaking new Cloud enabling service.  For the time being it is TOP SECRET, but stay tuned for updates in November 2015.

Pictured Here are some members of our team

"Over twelve years of data center experience has taught us that it's is only through constant innovation and investment as well as a fanatical commitment to support can we provide the type of service our customers need. Together with Jon and Victor, the Father and Son Founders of NeedaServer.Net, we are 100% dedicated to continuing to provide this level of service to our valued customers.
Feel free to contact me anytime with your concerns.

Jonathan Goodman - President

Team Member
Victor Goodman
Founder & CEO
Team Member
Jon Goodman
Founder & COO
Team Member
Ken Baldorj
Cisco certified Network Engineer
Team Member
Jack Buyanbat
NOC Technician
Team Member
Andy Chuluunbat
NOC Technician
Team Member
Office Manager