What Happens if Your Site Generate and Abuse Report

If you or your clients generate an abuse report, our normal protocol is to notify you and ask you to resolve the issue and notify us of the resolution.  Please review the AUP for those violatons.
If you take care of the issue and keep us in the loop and don't have more than a couple of violations per month, we will continue service.  If you IP space becomes blacklisted, you will be required to contact the organization and clean it up.  We will not issue more IP space, if you current space is black listed.

You can use this tool or other similar tools to check and see if your clients or your activities have put your ip space on a blacklist


Some violation require immediate removal especially child pornography -

NeedaServer.Net retains the right to make the final determination as to whether you have violated the AUP, and should we determine that it is so, and that you have not resolved the issue, you are subject to termination without a refund.
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