In the last 48 Hours, we have experienced two short power outages in Suite 710

The Source is UPS1, there are three UPS Systems that service Suite 710

Those client affected have Primary Power Only on UPS1.

The UPS and batteries were thought to be the source, but they have been checked for more than a week ago and were found to be fine.

They were checked again today and do not seem to be the source. The UPS Systems are not shutting down.

It was felt that it was a possible anomaly.

How it has re-occurred, and the electricians say, the UPS INPUT BREAKER outside the system has been identified as the possible culprit. And it's tripping seems unrelated to the UPS itself which is functioning fine.

In light of that, we have ordered a new 250 Amp Breaker and we are awaiting its arrival and installation within the next 12 hours.

As soon as it arrives, we will install and update.

Once again, we are sorry for the interruption.

We have staff on hand to reset the breaker in the unlikely event it needs to be re-set prior to the replacement of the faulty breaker.

CC Power Uptime has been in excess of 99.8 over 12 years on Primary Power and 100% on Users of Primary and Secondary Power.

This incident and it's recurrence is the worst in our History-

Rest assured that we are working on a resolution for this and we shall update you when the new breaker is installed.

There will be no downtime during the install as the UPS will be in bypass mode.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

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